The sub material of custom plush toys

The sub material of custom plush toys

(1) Eyes: It can be divided into plastic eyes, crystal eyes, painted eyes, and moving eyes, etc.

(2) Nose: It can be divided into plastic nose, flocking nose, wrapped nose and matte nose, etc.

(3) The Ribbons: The color, style or the amount of the ribbons are specific, so please pay attention to the order quantity of the custom plush toys.

(4) Poly bags: (PP bag products commonly used in the United States because of its cheaper price, meanwhile the European custom plush toys products must use PE bag. The transparency of PE bag is not good enough, but PP bag is easier to wrinkle and break. PVC can only be used as packaging material (the content of DEHP must be limited within 3%/ m²) while the POF usually used for color box packaging as a layer of protective film.

(5) Carton boxes :( It includes two types.)

There are double corrugated boxes such as A = B, A = C, B = B, B = C, C = C and three corrugated boxes A三B( backpack series custom plush toys will apply this kind ). It is a common sense that A=B cartons will be used in the export business and B=B or B=C cartons will also be thought about if the custom plush toys are really small. But if the customers have a particular demand of the carton types, we will try our best to meet their needs. Before booking cartons, a trust supplier should be chosen and the material quality of cartons provided by the supplier also should be focused. That means different suppliers may be varied in quality, we should also pay more attention to the quality of each batch of stock to prevent the non-conformity products. What’s more, its raining or wet may lead to a bad influence on the quality of the cartons.

Single corrugated boxes B33 and C33 are usually used for inner boxes or domestic delivery of revolving cartons. The hardness of cartons is determined by the quality of outer layer and inner edge.

(6) Cotton : It can be grouped in the classes of 7D, 6D and 15D or the grade of  A, B, and C. The cotton of the custom plush toys we used is 7D or A class while 6D is not usually applied in it. Cheap custom plush toys or products which are tough and full usually choose the cotton of 15D, B or C class. The cotton of 7D class is soft and smooth while the cotton of 15D is usually rough and hard.

The cotton can also be divided into 64MM and 32MM two kinds according to the fiber length.The former is used for hand filling whiles the latter for machine filling.

The common practice about the cotton is that the original cotton is chosen to loose it by ourselves. The key point of this step is to make sure the operation of loosing cotton are correct and the number of loosing times are enough to ensure the cotton loose completely and get the soft, smooth touch feeling and good elasticity.If the effect of loosing cotton is not good, the amount of cotton will cause a great waste.

(7) Colloidal particles :( It can be divided into PP and PE), the diameter should be equal to 3MM or greater than 3MM, and the particles should be smooth and even. The custom plush toys which are going to export the European market are the PE material because it is friendly enough to environment. For American market, PP or PE are often chosen to produce the custom plush toys if the customers do not have a specific demand in it. All the custom plush toys colloidal particles which will export will use the inner bag to package unless the customers have a particular demand.

(8) Plastic parts: We can not change the size or shape of the ready-made plastic accessories in a normal condition. If we want to make some changes in it, the only reasonable solution is to produce a new mould. But the price of the new mould are usually expensive, thousands of or ten thousands of money. So the custom plush toys orders which are under three hundred thousand will pay mould cost for it.

(9) (Colorful) prints: It includes color box, tag, sticker, etc. The price of color printing is directly related to the amount of the custom plush toys order. If the quantity of the order is small, it will decrease the number of printing papers to cause the color difference and color variegation. In other words, the manufacturers loss ratio will increase if the order is too small. Therefore, the unite price will increase to maintain balance.

The unit price of printed matter should pay attention to whether it includes film, print-proof, coating and other expenses. For patterns specified by customers, it is better for them to provide color drafts and color proportion (four-color CMYK ratio), so as to accelerate the speed and accuracy of plate preparation.

(10) Cloth label and woven label: they must pass the pull of 21 pounds, so now thick tape are usually applied in the custom plush toys.

(11) All kinds of color cotton belts, satin ribbons, webbing, elastics categories: The effect of different original material on custom plush toys product quality and cost should be focused on.

(12) Velcro, hasp and zipper: Velcro should have high fastness (especially when the demand of functional use is high).

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