Turn Your Art and
Drawings into Plushies

Turning your paintings, art, and designs into customized plush creations is a unique way to further enhance your creativity and bring your art and beauty into people's lives.

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Turn Your Art and Drawings into Plushies
No Minimums - Create Your Own Promotional Plush

No Minimums

Fast Turnaround - Create Your Own Promotional Plush

Fast Turnaround

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Competitive Pricing

susan plush toy
Susan with plush toy

Customer Story - Susan

Susan sent an urgent request on March 29th for her daughter's graduation present—a custom plushie. We rushed sample production to meet Susan's April deadline. Susan's reply helped save time.

The final sample was approved by April 18th. We arranged the fastest express, and Susan received the package in a few days. Her daughter was excited and happy in the video. Susan's huge satisfaction motivated our team.

As a plush manufacturer and custom toy maker, turning drawings into custom plushies brought us great joy and fulfillment.

Customer Email - Marie 

"Hello Kelly.

They're lovely and surprisingly detailed.

Thank you!

Best Regards.

Marie Owens"

Marie's stuffed toys
Kelly Asbury stuffed toys

Customer Email - Kelly Asbury

"Hi Layla,

We have indeed received the samples and we LOVE them!! 😊

Please take care and thank you so much for your wonderful work! Please see the sweet pic of your samples with our original attached to this correspondence."

Customer Reviews - Janae Clarke

I’m super happy with my order. Friendly and excellent customer service. I wish you all the best ❤❤we will continue business soon and forever

It is and that is all thanks to you and your team. I can’t wait to make more.I also want to add that you are very kind and friendly. May your Business prosper and grow very big. 🙏🏻you deserve it.

Janae Clarke Plush Toys

Customer Reviews



Wendy he looks amazing can’t wait to see him in person love it thank you so much for your time and patience with me I really liked working with you have a great day

Ahhh that’s so much I really do appreciate your customer service your so on point you hardly get such great service anymore! I will definitely be recommending your company just because of you ! Thank you so much again Wendy

susan Reviews.jpg__PID:55fe9fef-fb7f-4d25-b0a2-55f2aa599388


Hi Wendy, I can’t stop talking about how wonderful you are with the me your support I think if it wasn’t for you the process might not have been so great so I give my consent to show the excitement of the plush toy your company made for my daughter ! And then tell me when it’s up on the sight and I’ll go and look at it and she’s been telling her college about your company!! Thank you again Wendy your an excellent person !!

Wendy I’m crying right now it’s amazing can’t believe it’s my daughter looks like a fairy tale it’s unbelievable the work your company does thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done to make this experience a great one ! Sincerely Susan

susan Reviews

Tom Bryski

Hello Kelly, Yes, I did receive them, and they came out fantastic. You and your team did an excellent job. Thank you so much!

Thank you, Kelly! I appreciate your help. Working with you has been a very good experience. I would like to recommend your company to two of my colleagues who are also interested in creating plushies. Can I provide them with your contact information?

Tom Bryski exhibition site
Sara Shoemaker

Sara Shoemaker

Hi Kelly!I just got the plush today, and I am so happy with the quality!! This is amazing! What’s your social? I want to tag you guys too.

Sara Shoemaker plush toy
Jill Rosen

Jill Rosen

Hi Kelly! I received the shipment today. Thank you for making the deadline, and the pugs look great!!!! You kept the threads on the paws, which is awesome! I am excited to see how they sell at the convention this weekend.

Jill Rosen and his stuffed animals at the exhibition

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