Custom Plush Toys
of Book Characters

By turning your unique book characters into plush dolls, let you and your fans cherish and let them embrace life!

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Custom Plush Toys Of Book Characters
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Jennifer plush toyJennifer plush toy signing
JenniferJennifer plush toy design draft

Customer Story - Jennifer

Jennifer, a talented author who sells some cute book character plush, contacted us in April 2022 for custom plushies.

After communication by email, she ordered 100 pieces. After receiving the sample, she expressed interest in 300 more and established long-term cooperation with custom plush makers. As a professional plush manufacturer, we recommended she adjust the size to cut her shipping costs.

Despite her book signing deadline in September, we tried our best and ensured the timely delivery of mass production! It’s a wonderful collaboration, and we're excited to share some photos from her book signing!

Maddison plush toy
Maddison plush toy with book

Customer Story - Maddison

We received an inquiry on March 30th for 3000 book character plushies from Maddy. We provided a quote and sample promptly. Surprisingly, she opted for a sample the next day.

We swiftly finalized a draft sample to Maddy's satisfaction. She approved and planned bulk production by June, anticipating autumn delivery to Canada. After some free minor modifications, we start bulk production.

In October, 21 boxes of custom plushies arrived, which thrilled Maddy. Smooth email exchanges reflected her dedication. We're proud to be her plush manufacturer and hope for success in selling books with stuffed animal characters. Hoping for a chance to attend her exhibition!

Maddison plush toy with book
Maddison plush toy

Customer Email- Brett Manning

"I received them today and I love them!
I’ll be having a preorder in my shop soon, and once that’s done I’ll place the bulk order with you! It’ll probably be within the next several weeks."

Brett Manning's stuffed animals at camp.webp__PID:e1e6eeaf-1435-4d93-b53f-d743f8c60672
Brett Manning's stuffed toy in the forest
Brett Manning's stuffed toys

Customer Reviews



Wow! It looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in person.

It arrived today! I am so very impressed and happy! How do I go about placing the bulk order?

The signing went pretty well. I sold a bunch of plush toys! Everyone loved them!

I had a lot of fun! They went so well with my books, colors matched perfectly!

Jennifer in plush toy signing


I got the dolls!! Hooray!!!! Thank you so much!

Hello Wendy! Of course. Here are a few I have taken so far! More to come! Thanks!

Maddison plush toy with book

Tom Bryski

Hello Kelly, Yes, I did receive them, and they came out fantastic. You and your team did an excellent job. Thank you so much!

Thank you, Kelly! I appreciate your help. Working with you has been a very good experience. I would like to recommend your company to two of my colleagues who are also interested in creating plushies. Can I provide them with your contact information?

Tom Bryski exhibition site
Sara Shoemaker

Sara Shoemaker

Hi Kelly!I just got the plush today, and I am so happy with the quality!! This is amazing! What’s your social? I want to tag you guys too.

Sara Shoemaker plush toy
Jill Rosen

Jill Rosen

Hi Kelly! I received the shipment today. Thank you for making the deadline, and the pugs look great!!!! You kept the threads on the paws, which is awesome! I am excited to see how they sell at the convention this weekend.

Jill Rosen and his stuffed animals at the exhibition

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