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We're seeking influencers who have a passion for plush toys. If you hold significant influence on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook (with over 3,000 followers on any platform), we invite you to join our influencer program!

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Enjoy our influencer program benefits:

FREE plushies from our collection

Become our promoter and select any adorable plush toy from our extensive collection of over 100 styles! Regardless of the size of your social media following, everyone has a minimum quota of $100. Your specific quota will be determined based on your level of influence. Plus, we'll cover shipping costs up to $40.

Sample and bulk discounts

Become our brand ambassador and express your interest in custom plush toys! As a token of our appreciation, we're offering a 30% discount on samples and a 10% discount on mass production.

Free Plushies Selection

Free Panda Plush Toy Sample
Free Hippo Plush Toy Sample
Free Penguin Plush Toy Sample
Free Rabbit Plush Toy Sample
Free Happy Rabbit Plush Toy Sample
Free puppy stuffed toy samples

Up to 75% off

winter final sale

Discover so many special styles on sale, even our baby clothes & accessories. Because a perfectly put-together outfit is something that all babies should have.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower influencers to promote their unique intellectual property (IP) by providing them with a platform and resources to reach a broader audience. We believe in fostering creativity and innovation, and we are committed to supporting influencers in showcasing their talents and creations to the world. Through our influencer program, we aim to cultivate meaningful partnerships that enable influencers to amplify their voices and impact, ultimately driving mutual growth and success. Join us in our mission to elevate and celebrate the diverse talents of influencers everywhere.

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What our Partner say

Tom Bryski

Tom Bryski

“Hello Kelly, Yes, I did receive them, and they came out fantastic. You and your team did an excellent job. Thank you so much!”

Sara Shoemaker

Sara Shoemaker

“Hi Crystal!I just got the plush today, and I am so happy with the quality!! This is amazing! What’s your social? I want to tag you guys too.”

Jill Rosen.jpg__PID:1466cea6-e8cd-4f10-9d30-01fe57623132

Jill Rosen

"Hi Layla! I received the shipment today. Thank you for making the deadline, and the pugs look great!!!! You kept the threads on the paws, which is awesome! I am excited to see how they sell at the convention this weekend."



"The signing went pretty well. I sold a bunch of plush toys! Everyone loved them!"
"I had a lot of fun! They went so well with my books, colors matched perfectly! "



"I got the dolls!! Hooray!!!! Thank you so much! "
"Hello Wendy! Of course. Here are a few I have taken so far! More to come! Thanks! "



"The custom plushies were very well made the customer service was great. Out of all of the companies I have used from Alibaba, Shandong Peach Toys was the only company to truly capture my comic character in plushie form. Thank you! "



"Ahhh that’s so much I really do appreciate your customer service your so on point you hardly get such great service anymore! I will definitely be recommending your company just because of you ! Thank you so much again Wendy "