5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China 2024

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China 2024

Are you into plushies? Have you ever thought about having your custom-designed plushies hook up buyers far and wide?

Guess what? Around 40% of the world's adult population are plushy lovers. A know-how and custom plush maker is more than adequate to turn your visions into reality.

This post will guide you in finding the top-notch custom plush makers. It also explains why China stands out as the ultimate destination for crafting custom plush toys.

We’ve composed a list of China's ten best custom plush makers for your reference. Let's dive in and start with a video to warm up.

What Makes the Best Custom Plush Makers?

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China 2024 - unicorn plush toy

Custom plush toy manufacturers offer all sorts of services to bring custom plush toys to life. Here's an overview of what custom plush toy manufacturers typically do:

1. Best Custom Plush Makers: Efficient Communication With Clients

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China - Plush toys shelf

Top custom plush makers are more than manufacturers; they're partners. They have their own design teams, transforming raw ideas into creations.

They ally with you, answering your needs promptly and are always on your side. Their creative design teams offer you solutions with iterations until the ideal plushy is out. It's a journey from concept to perfection, making sure every detail matches the client's specifications.

2. Best Custom Plush Makers Offer Top Material and Transparency

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China - Plush toy materials

Have you heard of plush makers cutting corners? They stuff their toys with dirty cotton or fabric from a bin. Imagine this: when these products make their way to the Western markets, and kids playing with them end up with grubby hands.

But fear not! The best plush makers take quality seriously. They go above and beyond, ensuring that only the finest materials can have their place on the market.

Beyond just quality, the best custom plush makers ensure transparency, allowing both them and their clients to trace from the finished product to the initial material collection. Best custom plush makers usually can guarantee that every step from material collection to your hands, is high quality, just like the plushie itself.

3. Best Plush Makers: Safety and Certificates

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China - Plush toy certificate

The best plush makers prioritize the use of materials. They’d always avoid using harmful substances, allergens, and health risks through sourcing and assembly.

This commitment goes beyond compliance, providing peace of mind for parents and promote trust in buyers. Rigorous testing and transparent communications will make this process even better, ensuring each plush toy is safe to play with and good quality.

Moreover, the best custom plush makers usually hold certificates and assist clients in achieving these strict standards.

4. Best Custom Plush Makers: Versatility

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China- customplushmaker factory

To survive in the plush-making arena, you don’t hastily churn out a handful of stuffed toys from the workshop type of plush toy factory around the corner of your block at rock-bottom prices, and cross your fingers, hoping that it will bring you that elusive first pot of gold.

Beyond quality, the best custom plush makers should be your all-in-one solution hub. Picture this – a destination that offers a range of plush toys: sizes, shapes, colors, and accessories galore. And why stop there?

Ideally, they'd even provide embroidery or printing services to add logos, labels, or any personalized touch you desire. Because in the plush universe, settling for less isn't an option!

5. Best Custom Plush Makers: Professional Prototyping Before Mass Production

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China - Plush toy design draft

Precision is the best plush makers' guide for professional prototyping. They meticulously craft prototypes in alignment with your agreed-upon design, offering a tangible preview of your vision.

Collaboration is key, and they are patient with your review and feedback, ensuring any necessary adjustments are made before mass production starts.

Their commitment goes beyond words. The best plush makers should ensure every detail is tested, reassessed, and refined to perfection. It's not just a routine; it's their conviction to deliver nothing short of excellence.

6. Best Custom Plush Makers: Customized Packaging

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China- stuffed toy gift

Top-notch custom plush manufacturers go the extra mile by offering tailored packaging to match all your specifications. Those delivering branded packaging take the buyer’s experience to a new level.

The manufacturer provides comprehensive support, from the initial design phase to the product's market debut, significantly enhances the overall value of the plushy.

7. Best Custom Plush Makers: Shipping and Logistics

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China- Shipping and Logistics

A proficient custom plush manufacturer excels in logistics. They manage shipping, delivery, and match customs requirements.

By overseeing the entire supply chain, they ensure a streamlined process, sparing clients from complexities and delays. This management not only guarantees timely deliveries but also keeps costs to the minimum.

Clients can focus on core business activities. They can entrust the manufacturer with logistics handling, enhancing overall satisfaction and the brand's reputation.

Why Is China the Place to Look for the Best Plush Makers?

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China- production site

In the current landscape, where material costs and labor pay are rising, there may be more economic choices in some South Asian countries than in China. However, the question persists: Why does China continue to reign as the preferred destination for the most exceptional custom plush makers? Let's elaborate on these reasons behind this enduring choice:

  1. Expert Craftsmanship: Chinese plush makers exhibit a rich heritage of craftsmanship and expertise in manufacturing. This tradition, coupled with a deep understanding of production techniques, positions them as leaders in delivering superior quality.
  2. Cost-Efficiency: Though no longer the cheapest, it's still cheap. Renowned for its cost-effective manufacturing solutions, China enables businesses to achieve high-quality plushies at a competitive price. This attracts global companies seeking top-notch plush manufacturing.
  3. One-Stop Service: One compelling reason is that Chinese plush toy factories offer one-stop services. In China, you can find plush manufacturers capable of handling the entire production process. It eliminates the need to coordinate multiple suppliers for different components. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and convenience.
  4. Technological Prowess: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Chinese plush makers employ state-of-the-art machinery and production processes. This technological advantage ensures precision and innovation in crafting plush items that meet or exceed international standards. In this sense, making plushies in China is still the cheapest option.
  5. Supply Chain Excellence: China's well-established supply chain infrastructure facilitates seamless production cycles. The extensive network of suppliers, skilled labors, and transportation systems contribute to timely and reliable deliveries. They also enhance overall operational efficiency.
  6. Scalability and Flexibility: Chinese manufacturers offer scalabilit They accommodate small batches and large-scale production. This caters to the diverse needs of businesses, allowing them to adjust production volumes based on market demands.
  7. Material Diversity: China provides access to a broad spectrum of plush materials. That empowers businesses to customize products according to design requirements. This material diversity allows for creative expression and ensures plush items meet varied quality and aesthetic preferences.
  8. Global Perspective: Many Chinese plush makers have a global outlook. Most of them have dealt with clients from all over the globe. This experience keeps them up with market trends, preferences, and quality expectations, fostering a collaborative and informed manufacturing process.

All these advantages position China as the prime destination for the best custom plush makers. The combination of tradition, innovation, and logistical efficiency, Chinese manufacturers consistently deliver stuffed toys that meet the highest quality and client satisfaction standards.

5 of the Best Custom Plush Toy Manufacturers China

Here is our list of five of China's best custom plush toy manufacturers. They are industry leaders, known for their craftsmanship and innovation. Now, let's dive into a world of quality and creativity within the Chinese plush toy industry.

1. CustomPlushMaker

5 Best Custom Plush Makers in China- customplushmaker website

Welcome to The CustomPlushMaker, where its name says it all - they are an expert in making plush toys tailored to your wildest imaginations. Be it a children's toy or personalized artwork as a teenager's assignment, they literally transform any idea into a huggable plushy reality.


  • OEM and ODM services: They offer both OEM and ODM services and ensure that every product undergoes strict quality checks at multiple stages.They even custom stuffed animals of your pet.
  • Enormous Business Scope: They customize a variety of stuffed animal toys, plush toys, mini plush keychains, plush dolls, pillows, plush hand & finger puppets, and even jumbo giant mascots. They even provide electronic plush toys featuring sounds and services.
  • Massive Output: Well rooted in the plush-making industry for over a decade, their monthly output exceeds 150,000 pieces. There are currently over 200 dedicated employees working for them, including seven pattern-making designers.
  • Trusted by Big Brands: CustomPlushMakers are trusted by renowned companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald's. They take pride in having successfully passed BSCI, ICTI, ISO, and global security certification audits.
  • No MOQ Requirements: They have no order quantity (MOQ) constraints. Feel free to reach out to experience top-notch quality samples and competitive pricing. Your plush dreams are just a message away!

(Emily can’t be happier when she received her tailor-made plushie by CustomPlushMaker for a school project)

2. Buy China Toys

Buy China Toys website

BuyChinaToys only makes high-quality plush toys. Their toys are spread across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. They adopt rigorous quality control measures to ensure that each product meets the GB6675 national standards and multiple international standards like ASTM-F963, EN71, CE, and REACH. You can trust them to bring the finest toys to your doorstep. 


  • Customization: Tailor materials, size, design, function, and packaging.
  • Materials: Choose from environmentally friendly options like super soft plush, crystal super soft plush, flax, fleece, plush, short plush, velvet, and long plush.
  • Functionality: Explore options like LED lighting, singing, and dancing.
  • Filling: Opt for 100% PP cotton or add weight-increasing and fragrance particles.
  • Packaging: Select from OPP bags, zipper bags, paper boxes, and more.
  • Labels: Personalize with water wash labels, hanging tags, stickers, or other forms.
  • Certificates: Rest assured with CE and EU standard certifications.

3. Plush Toy MFG

Plush Toy MFG website

Trust in the excellence of their merchandise. As one of the best custom plush makers, each of their items has successfully passed CE and ASTM approvals. With a solid 9-year track record in making custom plush stuffed toys, quality has always been their No.1 priority. Their dedicated R&D team and workforce ensure innovation and precision in every creation.


  • Moderate Price: While their quote may not be the lowest, rest assured that you receive actual value for your investment.
  • Solid Designers: Benefit from the expertise of their three designers, each boasting over 15 years of experience crafting custom soft toys.
  • Quality Control: They prioritize quality through complete inspections at every step and adhere to the AQL2.5 sampling standard before shipment.
  • On-time Delivery: Upon your sample approval, expect your order to be completed within a month.

4. Lucky Around

Lucky Around web site

Lucky Around (belongs to QINGDAO DAYANG HANDICRAFT CO., LTD) is a professional soft toys manufacturer in China. They manufacture delicate items, including stuffed animals, dolls, pillows, etc.


  • Easy Transportation: Close to the airport.
  • Low MOQ: Their approach is characterized by flexibility and a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), ranging from 10pcs to 1,000pcs. The MOQ for custom production depends on the materials, varying from 100pcs to 1000pcs.
  • Single Items Available: "Just Buy One" service, catering to individuals who seek customization for just one soft toy.
  • Updated With Trends: They proactively monitor industry trends to continuously enhance their services, ensuring you receive the latest and best offerings.
  • Attending to Customer Needs: They commitment is to address concerns, whether pre- or post-sales. Their comprehensive and professional suggestions and solutions guarantee a resolution to any issue.
  • Stock Updates: Products marked "in stock" on the pictures are available for direct purchase, and they regularly introduce new additions to their product lineup.

5. Yangzhou D King Toys and Gifts Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou D King Toys and Gifts Co., Ltd. website

Established in 2012 in Yangzhou City and as one of the best plush makers in Jiangsu Province, China, Yangzhou D King Toys and Gifts is a leading manufacturer and exporter of plushies, promotional gifts, and play sets.

With a workforce of 800 and a vast facility spanning 40,000 square meters, they specialize in OEM and ODM services. Boasting advanced machinery, including 300 sewing machines, the company ensures timely delivery of large-scale orders.

Their toys meet multiple international standards such as ASTM, BSCI, Target, and EN 71. D King exports globally, serving regions like North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.


  • Large and Capable Factory: 800 employees in a 40,000 square meter factory, with 300 sewing machines.
  • International Standards: ASTM, BSCI, Target, and EN 71.D King.

Primary Products

  • Baby toys
  • Building blocks
  • Plush toys
  • Playsets
  • Stuff toys
  • Promotional toys
  • Soft toys
  • Educational toys


Now you are armed with the essentials to help you find top custom plush makers. Remember that China is the key to a thriving plush-making business. From effective communication to materials and innovation, this guide unveils the path to turning your designs into global sensations. China has rich craftsmanship, cost-efficiency, and technological prowess. All these make China the ultimate destination for plush dreams to come alive.

Meet the industry leaders, China's top five custom plush manufacturers, each a testament to quality and creativity. Your journey into the world of soft, cuddly masterpieces begins – let your plush dreams unfold!

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