Shopping FAQs


Q: What is about the custom plush toys quality?

A: The predecessor TOYSEEI is a foreign trade enterprise which focused on the plush toys design and production manufacture. Many world first class retailers such as Disney, Toys “R” Us, Jakks Pacific, etc are all our customers. Therefore, foreign trade high standard design and production process has been completely applied to the customized business of TOYSEEI. Our product quality is in full compliance with China GB6675, ASTM-963 of the United States, the European Union EN71 and Japan ST 2016 standards.


Q: How long will the plush toy customization take?

A: The time depends on the plushies making process, art design, and the difficulty of fabric procurement. Then the reasonable time will be given based on an assessment of customization needs. Of course, we will also provide the premium service for the needs of customers.


Q:When will the stuffed animal toys products be customized completely after the order ?

A: The time of customized products is 1-2 weeks (excluding modification time and legal holidays), which shall be calculated from the second day after the order is placed.


Q: How do you like custom plush toy product similarity?

A: Custom Plush Maker (TOYSEEI) is a professional service provider of customized plush toys. Our designers and pattern makers have more than 10 years of experience in the design and production of plush toys. Our production design process has been tested and summed up over the years, so the plush toys can be quickly and accurately customized to the requirements of the clientele. What’s more, two strict inspections before each shipment would be made to ensure that the restoration of products could  meet the overall market demand. According to our operating experience, customer satisfaction is over 95%.


Q: How similar can the custom plush toy be?

A: We could not make sure that all the customized plush stuffed toys are exactly same. So please provide as many pictures which are different in direction or drawings in more details to ensure the accuracy. TOYSEEI inherited the sewing techniques by hand and tried our best to produce better plush toys.


Q: What is the condition of custom plush product color?

A: The closest color will be chosen according to the picture you provided, but there will be some color difference because of the computer color restore degree, the light of taking photos, the color of the existing fabric on the market and other problems.


Q: Will the fabric and color be the same?

A: We can not guarantee that the fabric and color are exactly same. Our designers will choose the closest fabric and color according to the design pictures. (Fabric name and pantone color number can be provided for special requirements to improve the similarity)


Q: How to calculate the size?

A: Size calculation will be based on the largest dimension of the customized products’ length, width and height, when plush stuffed animal toys are fully stretched. 


Q: What services do TOYSEEI provide?

A: If there is any damage within one year, a cost-only repair charge will be provided for customers.


Q: About copyright

A: Since product design picture is provided by the customer, the copyright of the customized product belongs to the picture provider. Once the customer places the order for payment, it will be the default right to authorize the production of real products by TOYSEEI until the end of one year when the product does not enjoy the right to only charge the cost of maintenance. All the pictures are provided and submitted to us by the customer, so the customer is responsible for the copyright. If the design of the customer violates the rights and interests of others, all the responsibilities shall be borne by the drawing provider. Even if we produce the physical object which violates the rights and interests of the third party, the consequences shall be borne by the drawing provider.


Q: Whether does it support return in seven days without reasons?

A: All customized plush toy products do not support return in seven days without reasons. Please be careful with the products when you are choosing.


Q: Which express company is used by the TOYSEEI? What about the freight?

A: The default express company is Fedex express. If you choose the other expresses, the price difference would be paid. All freight charges for customized toys shall be based on the communication with customer service.


Q: What if the customers are not satisfied with the custom plush toys?

A: All customized products of TOYSEEI could be modified. If you are not satisfied with the pictures and requirements you provided before, you can point out that and we can provide modifications but do not accept new requirements. (Such as: changing shape, changing size, etc.)