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Custom Plush Maker(Peach Town Toys), since 2005, supply a wide variety of high-quality creative brand logo carrier plush toys to overseas customers, plush toys industry.We have built our reputation up on being a trustworthy manufacturer who provide an excellect service to our customers, including many of the Top 20 leading companies for promotional items in Germany, UK, France, Austria and Switzerland.As experienced manufacturer, we hold a thorough understanding of both the product and the customer base; however we also really understand the fundamentals of the plush toys industry. Seasonal festival features, promotional brand awareness.., we really know the PLUSH TOYS market.The safety of every plush toy we produce is of the utmost importance to us, the greatest care possible are taken to make sure you and your children stay safe with our plush toys.All of our plush toys are tested for any age suitability. This means that unless a specific safety recommendation or suitability message, a plush toy is safe for all ages - safe from birth to 100 years old(and beyond).

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the top questions on custom plush maker

1. Am I involved in the design of the plushie? 

Yes, there's no doubt about it. You have been involved since you sent the designs to us. The draft sample will be finished in about one week, and then we will send the photos to you for confirmation. You can put forward your own revision suggestions and ideas. Without your approval, we will not proceed to the next step. Please feel free to express your ideas over the course of three free sample modifications until the plushie is finally finished and sent to you by express.

2. How Much do Custom Plush Toys Cost?

The cost of a custom plush toy depends on many factors. Such as the size of the toy, the quantity, the fabric, the complexity of the design, the embroidery or printing on the toy, the sew-in label, the packaging, the destination, etc. There is also an extra cost if you don't have the design drawing and need our designers to help with. When you fill out the form on our website, we will reply to your email as soon as possible. The email usually includes sample cost, unit price and even freight. If you would like to make one plush toy, the cost is only sample cost and freight. For a relatively simple design drawing, according to popular 8 inches, the sample cost is between $90 to $120 each design, the freight is between $25 to $45. No matter which country or region you come from, we can send the sample to you by express. If the quantity you want is large, we will also provide you with the approximate unit price reference in the email. As a reference, a popular 8 inches custom made plush toy tend to cost between $5 to $9 each for bulk order of 100pcs, between $3 to $6 each for bulk order of 500pcs, and more favorable for even larger quantity. For bulk, the freight is about hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the destination, mode of transportation, quantity and size. Sea transportation is the most common mode of transportation at present, because the cost is much lower than air express. For most customers, shipping is also a reliable and safe way.

3. What is Stuffed Toy Production Process?

Plush manufacturing includes the following steps:

1). Sample MakingThe professional designers make the drawings according to the draft or the picture of the design. At the same time, the designers will make the pattern and set the type. Meanwhile, the exact size and price of plush toys will be calculated accurately. The material options for custom plush toys are numerous and varied, including different kinds of fabrics and cottons. What's more, the small gadgets of the plush toys are also be customized. The materials are non-toxic and environment-friendly to ensure the better quality.

2). Fabric CuttingOnce the sample is completed and approved, it's time to start bulk production of the plush toys. We will try our best to ensure the good quality by using the cutting bed with the most advanced technology. Moreover, the professional cutter carry out the cutting process to avoid the hair leakage.

3). Embroidery Embroidery machines are purely automated and do the job quite rapidly depending on the complexity of the embroidery required. The embroidery products are vivid and lovely.

4). Fabric Pieces SewingUsually, sewing departments are comprised of workers and sewing machines. This task is purely manual labour. Workers will sew the textile fabric parts together using sewing machines. When they sew the fabric pieces together, they will leave a small hole for stuffing later.

5). StuffingEach custom plush toy is made of high-quality PP cotton with the most advanced cotton filling machine, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We can make a promise that no shoddy cotton used in our products. Each plush toy needs to be stuffed to the same proportion as the entire order. Sometimes, plastic pellets or beans are used in dolls and stuffed animals to provide weight in the base and help them sit upright.

6). Splicer SewingThe most advanced computer sewing machine is chosen to sew the body part and strengthen patchwork quality to avoid holes. Every stitch of a plush toy is fine and complete, so there is no need to worry about the hole cracks.

7). Shape HacklingTeasing each plush toy and removing sundries by hand. In addition, blowing down the entire pile with a high pressure air pump to make the plush toys clean and tidy.

8). Quality ControlThe workers will pull on the limbs and sides of the plush in order to make sure that the sewing is sufficiently strong in order to avoid the plush to fall apart.

9). Needle DetectionEvery plush toy must be tested by a needle detector.The aim of it is to check whether the fine needles are left in the plush toys to avoid safe accident.

10). PackagingPackaging and shipping are based on the requirements of customers. There are several ways to package plush toys. The most basic manner is to seal each piece in a polybag and put many units inside a large carton box. Some plush orders require higher-end packaging in order to have a higher presentation once on the retail shelf. A box packaging for each unit can be used to package the plush. Each piece of the plush will have its own packaging with full-colour print requested by the client.

4. What Order Quantities Can Toyseei Custom Plush Maker Work in? 

There is no MOQ of Toyseei Custom Plush Maker. As a mature plush toy manufacturer, we can make one, dozens or even thousands or more.For promotional gifts, many clients order more than 5,000pcs. For the author or artist, they usually choose to order a few hundred pcs at a time. For individual clients who want to customize their own plushies, they usually choose one or two pcs. Our company is suitable and flexible for all kinds of customers, no matter you need more or less, we can help you to make the plushies.Our monthly production capacity is 100,000pcs. There are hundreds of skilled employees and advanced machines, which help us achieve such a high capacity.

5. What are stuffed animals filled with?

Usually, stuffed animals are filled with PP Cotton and 100% polyester, no any animals fur or sheep wool or anything like that. Polyester is a safe synthetic fiber, which is widely used to fill stuffed animals and pillows. Besides, plastic pellets or beans are used in dolls and stuffed animals to provide weight in the base and help them sit upright. 

6. How big should a plushie be? 

Custom plush manufactures can create any plushies in size. And the most common range is between 4 to 48 inches as many custom websites showed. But the most popular custom plush sizes are 6", 8", 10" and 12". Most custom plush makers can also make plushies of any size that you need. Just let them know exactly what you are looking for or they can help you decide based on your design and budget! By the way, if your plushie is larger than 12" maybe incur more transport costs from production and increase shipping costs.

How to make your own plushie?


Think about the type of animal or creature you want to make. Dogs, cats, dolphins, dragons - anything can be made into a stuffed animal if you want to. 

Take the little cow in the picture as an example, let us learn how to make your own plush toys independently.


To save time, you need to prepare and gather all the things needed.
Here are the things you will need:l Fabricsl Fabric makersl Patternl Pencil& ruler&paperl Stuffing(cotton, polyester fiber, poly-pellets etc. )l Thread or embroidery flossl Sewing pins & sewing clipsl Scissors l Accessories( metal button, plastic nose and eyes etc.)


Making the sketch might be one of the toughest steps in making a plush toy. However, this could also be the most fun part. You’ll get to design your own plushie according to your preference! You will need to consider the bear plushie’s size and other details like eyes, nose, ears, and clothing. Get a piece of clean paper and a pencil to draft the sketch. We recommend that you stick to outlining first. However, if you don’t know how to draw or sketch, you may push through to download free designs on the internet. And then print them out and customize them and add more stuff. 


(This step is only needed if your plush is symmetrical). Approximate mid line of enlarged sketch and fold in half. Then decide which side of the sketch you like more and cut along that side of the sketch on fold.In this example, I liked the right side of my sketch more so I cut along that side. And then you have to use the scissors to cut the ears, tails, legs, spots, noses and horns out.P.S. Please try drawing the pattern a little wider before cutting them into different pieces.


You can pretty much any fabric to make plushies. Mixing and matching fabric is also another great way to make a unique plushie. Next let us choose the suitable fabric& color and prints for the cow.


Next, get your scissors to cut fabric using the pattern pieces and fold and pin them. Cut each pattern one by one, and carefully lay the pattern pieces on a clear table or flat surface. Next, place each pattern on the fabric and make trace lines. Then, cut the fabric using the pattern.  
Piece the parts together (two pieces at a time), tuck the raw edges, and pin the fabric inside out using straight pins. Then use basic running stitch carefully using the trace lines. You may also use an embroidery stitch or a straight stitch. Do not sew the top hole yet because you’ll still have to put fillings.


Most plush manufacturers use cotton stuffing to make the stuffed animals, because it is very soft and safe. A polyester fiberfill is a synthetic material that can be used in cushioning stuffed toys. It’s soft, extremely fluffy, durable, and widely used in filling stuffed animals. It is made from polyester [1] and can easily be bought in local craft stores. This type of fiberfill can also be good for stuffing plush animal toys. However, this isn’t treated with silicone fiber, so it has a coarse texture. It packs firmly, making it easy to fill small spaces. The poly-pellets and bean bag fillers can also be excellent options for stuffing. If you can’t get these fillings, you may also try using dried rice, large plastic beads, dried beans, old t-shirts’ fabric, and an old stuffing from a pillow or stuffed toy like a little bear.


After filling, seal every edge and then sew/stitch the hole close. Then, start hand sewing the details like eyes, nose, body size, and clothing. If you don’t want to sew, you may also opt to use hot glue for small pieces. However, when parts are sewn, they tend to be more durable. Finally, after completing the above steps, the plush cow has been completed.

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How to make a plushie toy?

Design, pattern cutting, embroidery and printing, sewing, etc.—these are the procedures required to produce a custom plush toy. But how does it work exactly? Let's explore the mystery.

How to mass produce a plushie?

How did such an enormous amount of plush toys come out? Making a plush toy has a number of procedures, including design, pattern cutting... Let's look at the machine we use to mass-produce plush toys.

Software-aided Pattern Making

We can percieve the power of technology by seeing changes concerning how we make a pattern. Software serving in pattern-making is becoming common.

Plush toy fabric knowledge

This topic requires you to learn to identify the differences between different materials and different specifications of the same material, so as to pay attention to the differences in price and cost.

Something you need to know for safety inspection of plush toys

The quality and safety of plush toys is the biggest concern. Safety testing standards for plush toys vary in different countries. It is generally divided into physical detection and chemical detection.

What You Need to Know about Standrads for Testing Plush Toys

Below tests are compulsory to take including cut pieces inspection, sewing inspection, manual quality inspection, packaging inspection, box throwing test, electronic test and security check.

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