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About CustomPlushMaker

Established in 2005, Toyseei CustomPlushMaker has emerged as a formidable player in the plush toy manufacturing industry. Specializing in the production of high-quality plush toys, stuffed animals, and cloth baby toys, our core business philosophy revolves around delivering excellence and innovation in every product.

Our commitment to integrating sustainable practices, ensuring product safety, and adhering to international quality standards, is reflected in our extensive range of certifications like GOTS, FSC, OEKO-TEX, ISO9001, and BSCI. With a state-of-the-art facility spanning 8000 square meters and a dedicated team of 220 skilled employees, we not only uphold the highest standards of manufacturing but also contribute significantly to the evolution of the toy industry.

Our strong market presence and unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability demonstrate our robust capacity and leadership in the global toy manufacturing sector.

About CustomPlushMaker
CustomPlushMaker's Brand Story

Brand Story

In the quaint, bustling heart of Shandong, where the hum of machinery harmonizes with the aspirations of artisans, Toyseei CustomPlushMaker began its journey in 2005. It was not just the inception of a company but the birth of a vision—to create toys that would not only delight children but also respect the planet.

The founder, a visionary with a profound love for both craftsmanship and the environment, saw the potential in transforming the traditional toy-making process. He envisaged a world where every plush toy was a testament to quality, sustainability, and joy. This dream took shape in the form of Toyseei CustomPlushMaker, a place where creativity and responsibility danced together.

As years passed, Toyseei's reputation grew. Each toy crafted within its walls told a story—a narrative of meticulous design, careful selection of eco-friendly materials, and the skilled hands that brought them to life. These were not mere toys; they were keepsakes, imbued with memories and crafted with love.

The plush toys became ambassadors of Toyseei's ethos. Parents and children alike were drawn to their charm and the values they represented. From the soft, organic fabrics that caressed the skin to the assurance of safety and ethical production, every aspect of these toys echoed Toyseei's commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship.

Toyseei CustomPlushMaker, through its journey, has become more than a brand; it's a beacon of innovation in the toy industry, demonstrating that one can adhere to the highest standards of quality while being a custodian of the earth. The company continues to weave its story, one plush toy at a time, inspiring a future where play and sustainability coexist in delightful harmony.

Corporate history

CustomPlushMaker ( Toyseei )

CustomPlushMaker logo

In 2005, Toyseei CustomPlushMaker embarked on its journey in Shandong, China, marking the beginning of its foray into the upscale eco-friendly toy manufacturing sector. Initially, the company focused on creating plush toys, stuffed animals, and cloth baby toys, gradually carving out a unique brand identity.

CustomPlushMaker production line

Over time, Toyseei CustomPlushMaker expanded its production scale and diversified its product line, establishing itself as a key player in the toy manufacturing market. The company continuously innovated in enhancing product quality and production efficiency, incorporating advanced production technologies and management systems, including the ISO9001 Quality Management System, BSCI Social Responsibility Certification, and Disney Certification.

CustomPlushMaker factory machinery

By 2022, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic challenges, Toyseei CustomPlushMaker demonstrated remarkable crisis management capabilities. With proactive planning and preparation, the company not only overcame material shortages and production disruptions but also achieved steady growth in performance. The company comprehensively upgraded its machinery, adding high-speed computer machines, significantly boosting the production of large-scale products.

CustomPlushMaker Certificate

Entering 2023, Toyseei CustomPlushMaker continues to uphold its commitment to product quality, increasing production volume, and focusing on three major environmental themes: obtaining GOTS Organic Product Certification, OEKO-TEX Global Textile Supply Chain Certification, and developing GRS Recycling and Eco-friendly products. The company's vision is to promote the global prevalence of eco-friendly toys and contribute to the intelligent evolution of China's manufacturing industry.

CustomPlushMaker Vision


To be a global leader in eco-friendly plush toy manufacturing, inspiring creativity and imagination in children through innovation and sustainable practices. We are committed to transforming traditional toy manufacturing into a greener, safer approach, connecting families around the world with our products.


  • Innovation: Continuously driving innovation in our products and production processes to meet the evolving market and environmental needs.
  • Sustainability: Committed to using eco-friendly materials and processes, minimizing our environmental impact.
  • Safety and Quality: Ensuring every product meets the highest standards of safety and quality.
  • Inclusivity: Creating toys that are affordable for everyone, regardless of budget.
  • Community and Collaboration: Building strong connections with our global customers and partners, growing together.
CustomPlushMaker Values
CustomPlushMaker Mission


  • Empowering Corporate Identity: To enable every company to have its own signature mascot plush, enhancing their brand presence and influence. We strive to create unique, custom-made plush toys that embody the essence of each company, fostering a stronger connection with their audience.
  • Nurturing Family Bonds: To encourage children to disconnect from electronic devices and foster warm family memories through the joy of plush toys. Our mission is to create an environment where children can engage in imaginative play, bringing families together in a shared experience of creativity and fun.
  • Innovating for a Sustainable Future: To infuse technology into plush toy production, making them more eco-friendly, lifelike, and comfortable. We are committed to leveraging advancements in sustainable materials and production techniques to ensure our plush toys are not only delightful but also environmentally responsible and technologically advanced.
  • Toyseei CustomPlushMaker aims to redefine the role of plush toys in both corporate and family settings.
Innovative Customization

Innovative Customization

We specialize in transforming unique ideas into tangible plush toys. Whether it's a corporate mascot or a child's imaginative drawing, our expertise lies in bringing these concepts to life with precision and creativity.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of environmentally friendly materials and processes. We lead in eco-innovation, ensuring our toys are not only safe for children but also kind to the planet.

Advanced Technology Integration

Advanced Technology Integration

We leverage the latest technologies in the production of our plush toys, ensuring they are not just eco-friendly but also feature realistic and comfortable designs.

Global Reach and Accessibility

Global Reach and Accessibility

Our global distribution network ensures that our unique plush toys are accessible to a wide audience, transcending geographical boundaries to reach customers worldwide.

Strong Brand and Reputation

Strong Brand and Reputation

With years of experience and a commitment to quality, we have established a strong brand reputation in the market. Our certifications and accolades speak to our dedication to excellence.

Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce

Our team of skilled artisans and professionals is at the core of our success. Their expertise in craftsmanship and attention to detail enable us to produce high-quality, bespoke plush toys.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer-Centric Approach

We place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, ensuring that each product is tailored to meet and exceed client expectations.

Resilience and Adaptability

Resilience and Adaptability

Demonstrated resilience in the face of challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic, showcases our adaptability and robust operational strength.

CustomPlushMaker logo


Toyseei CustomPlushMaker's advantages position us uniquely in the market, allowing us to create not just toys, but cherished memories and lasting impressions, aligning with our vision of a greener, more imaginative world.