How To Choose High Quality Plush Manufacturer?

Plush toys are one of children's and young people's favorite toys, but what seems beautiful may also contain danger, so we should be happy at the same time, happy at the same time, to think of safety is our greatest wealth! The plush toy products are especially important. Here are my personal opinions on work and life.

1. Firstly, it is clear which age group people need, and then according to different age groups to buy different toys, mainly considering the safety and practicability.

For example, children aged 0 to 1 should not buy toys with prints or paints. Organic substances in dyes may cause skin allergies to their babies; children under three years old cannot choose toys with small items that are easy to fall off because they are not aware of danger and may bite them down and eat them into their mouths to cause suffocation. Risk: All toys purchased should not have ropes that can be tied over the baby's head to avoid the danger of neck tie, if any, can be fixed with a needle.

plush toys

2. The hygienic appearance of fabric materials, the high and low grades of raw materials, long and short velvet (special yarn, purse yarn), velvet, pulled velvet TIC cloth, etc., are important factors in determining the price of a toy. Some sellers deceive consumers by using sub-optimal materials.

3. Look at the stuffing of plush toys, which is another important factor affecting the price of toys. Good filled cotton is all PP cotton, just like nine pillow pistils in the supermarket. It feels good and even. Poor filling cotton is black-core cotton. It feels bad and dirty.

4. Whether the fixed parts are firm (the standard requirement is 90N force) and have angry edge thorns of kilometers, whether the moving parts are too small to prevent children from entering the room by mistake when playing, and whether the raw materials of the same color or position have the same wool orientation. Otherwise, there will be different colours in the sunshine and the opposite wool orientation, which will affect the beauty.

5. Good workmanship is one of the important factors of toys'quality and value. It is impossible to imagine how good a rough toy would be. Carefully look at whether the sewing line of the toy is fine, whether the handicraft is beautiful and firm, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the left and right positions are symmetrical, whether the hand backlog is soft and fluffy, whether the stitching of each part is firm, whether the toy accessories are scratched or incomplete.

6. Check whether there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, manufacturer's address, etc. and whether the binding is firm.

7. Check the internal and external packaging, whether the signs are consistent, whether the moisture-proof performance is good, the inner packaging is plastic bags, the opening size exceeds a certain range must be opened with stomata to prevent children from suffocating by mistake.