How To Maintain Your Teddy Bear?

1. Regular Disinfection

Plush toys are very much in need of our regular cleaning! If you want to disinfect the fluff of the plush toy, we can sterilize the plush toy by means of iron, etc., which not only makes the plush of the plush toy clean, but also prolongs the life of the plush toy! Therefore, it is necessary to clean the habit of soft toys on a regular basis.

How To Maintain Your Teddy Bear- Teddy bear sterilization

2. Suitable Water Temperature

Many plush toys, although washable, will indicate the temperature of the water being cleaned. Once we do not clean according to the regulations, it will damage the softness of the plush toy. Generally speaking, the water temperature can be controlled at 30~40 degrees (please clean according to the water temperature marked on the tag). Be sure to follow the water temperature on the plush toy tag to avoid unnecessary damage!

How To Maintain Your Teddy Bea- Teddy bear in bathtub

3. Classified cleaning

When cleaning a plush toy, be sure to wash the dark and light toys separately. Don't mix them together to avoid staining. If it is a small toy, it can be washed by hand or by washing machine. If we choose to use a washing machine, be sure to use a soft washing mode to clean. In order to make the toy soft and fluffy, and at the same time avoid some of the more intense detergent damage to the wool of the plush toy! For larger plush toys, remove the internal filling before cleaning, dry and dry, then stuff the inner fabric and use.

How To Maintain Your Teddy Bear- Cleaning Teddy Bear

4. Sunlight sterilization

Plush toys also need regular sun exposure to eliminate bacteria that are caused by moisture. However, we must pay attention to the fact that when drying the plush toy, it must not be placed under strong sunlight, so as to avoid a series of problems such as the color loss of the plush toy due to exposure to the sun, or damage to the outer hair!

How To Maintain Your Teddy Bear- Drying Teddy Bears

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