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Marathon Swimming
Modern Pentathlon
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Rugby Sevens
Sport Climbing
Table Tennis
Trampoline Gymnastics
Water Polo
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Phryges: Official Mascots Of The Paris 2024 Olympics

Now it’s time to meet the Phryges, the mascots for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, who have been tasked with an important mission: to show the world that sport can change everything and that it deserves to play a major role in society.

The Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge mascots are based on Phrygian caps, a type of hat that has become an enduring symbol of freedom throughout French history. They are a common reference for French people, including in the world of art (as a metaphor for freedom) and as a symbol of the Republic in French institutions. Phrygian caps can be seen sat atop the head of the iconic figure Marianne in every town hall and even feature on everyday objects in France such as coins and stamps. They are also an international symbol of liberty worn by freed slaves in Roman times and appearing on different emblems in North and South America. Also known as the liberty cap, the Phrygian cap has become one of the symbols of the French Republic.

Both Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge are on a mission to start a revolution in sport, showing the world that sport can change everything and that it deserves a prominent place in society.

They will work every day to promote change through sport, including in our lives, health, relationships with others and with nature.

They are already training tirelessly to bring the greatest number of people possible along with them on the Games journey - so get ready, this is just the beginning.

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