Turn Your Mascot into
a Stuffed Animal

Whether it's for a sports team, a school club, a public or private organization, or a company, we can create a 100% custom plush toy based on your mascot.

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Turn Your Mascot Into A Stuffed Animal
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Jeff plush toy

Customer Story - Jeff

Jeff, a famous 3D paper-cutting artist and writer, sent an inquiry on our website for custom mascot-stuffed animals from his book. He was introduced to us by his artist friend. So he approved our identity as customary toy makers.

The sample was completed in less than 10 days, and the details greatly satisfied Jeff. Consequently, he decided to order 150 custom plushies after a few days. His trust is evident and motivating, and we completed the bulk production in 25 days and successfully delivered it. This cooperation with Jeff greatly encourages our plush manufacturers.

Jeff plans to promote his comics and mascot plush toys at an exhibition in December—hoping for his success!

Customer Email

"I received it👍 its great and fits perfectly in well with the rest if thee plushies👍 I love it, you and your company do amazing work and I'd like to thank all of them massively.

I might have some more ideas of what you guys could make for me in future at some point, definitely will keep you in mind and if want another custom plushie I'll email you when I can whenever if its OK with you? 😉👍😊😊😊Thanks again"

Eric Ardetti plush toy
Angelique Ronald stuffed toys and trophies
Angelique Ronald's stuffed animals and students
Angelique Ronald's stuffed animals in the sun
Angelique Ronald's Stuffed Toy and Defense
Angelique Ronald's stuffed toy in court
Angelique Ronald's stuffed toy in hand
Angelique Ronald's stuffed toy in the tree
Angelique Ronald's stuffed toy is on the table

Customer Email - Angelique Ronald

“OH MY GOSH! They arrived a little bit ago and they are INCREDIBLE! Thank you SO much!!!!!”

“Hi Kelly! The plushies look wonderful!

I think these are going to be very popular. If we do a second order and do regular shipping that time, what is the timeline from order to delivery? I need to decide if it's worth it to let folks pre-order if they want more :)

I was talking to our board of directors and if these sell well (and we think they will), we will definitely want to order again next year-- I'll be sure to order earlier though! Lol’’

Customer Reviews



The custom plushies were very well made the customer service was great. Out of all of the companies I have used from Alibaba, Shandong Peach Toys was the only company to truly capture my comic character in plushie form. Thank you!

Jeff plush toy

Tom Bryski

Hello Kelly, Yes, I did receive them, and they came out fantastic. You and your team did an excellent job. Thank you so much!

Thank you, Kelly! I appreciate your help. Working with you has been a very good experience. I would like to recommend your company to two of my colleagues who are also interested in creating plushies. Can I provide them with your contact information?

Tom Bryski exhibition site
Sara Shoemaker

Sara Shoemaker

Hi Kelly!I just got the plush today, and I am so happy with the quality!! This is amazing! What’s your social? I want to tag you guys too.

Sara Shoemaker plush toy
Jill Rosen

Jill Rosen

Hi Kelly! I received the shipment today. Thank you for making the deadline, and the pugs look great!!!! You kept the threads on the paws, which is awesome! I am excited to see how they sell at the convention this weekend.

Jill Rosen and his stuffed animals at the exhibition

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