Why are plush toys so important for children

Children always explore the unknown world by playing, during this process, toys become an indispensable supplementary means and an inseparable part of their happy childhood. “Playing” is a bridge which connects children and the outside world. In the process of playing, it can not only help children discover themselves and explore problems, but also satisfy their innate curiosity, and it gives them the opportunity to express their own views and attitude towards things. This is the reason why toys are the closest partner and the best teacher of a child.

Why are plush toys so important for children

The role of toys in promoting children’s growth

1. Promote the improvement of children's perception ability

Perception ability is the ability for children to understand external things, which is the main way to increase knowledge. In early childhood, because the speech ability is still relatively low, the information which children are able to obtain is mainly the image information obtained through sensory perception. Toys stimulate children to touch with various senses with their vivid and exaggerated images and bright colors. With toys In the process of contact, children are exposed to all kinds of Toys made of the same material strengthen the sensory perception and observation ability, and promote the perception ability Improve. When contacting with toys, children are exposed to all kinds of toys by looking, hearing, tasting and touching. Toys made of different materials strengthen the sensory perception and observation ability.           

Why are plush toys so important for children- kids and stuffed toys 

2. Promote children’s language development

Toys are a tool for children to express themselves. Compare with the conventional language symbol system of society, toys are considered as a language which is more convenient for children. Toys are a "wordless book", which is more like a "syllabus" or open "textbooks", which give learners a large space for independent construction and imagination, stimulate the expression desire of children, and create a suitable language environment for children's free expression. For example, the exchange of toys and playing methods between children make their language progress imperceptibly. Children will also have a lot of "self talk" phenomenon in the process of contact with toys. Another example, when children play with plush toys, they will regard it as a conversation object that can be controlled by themselves, and naturally talk to it: "Baby you are so lovely! I'm going to tell you a story. Listen carefully! " Children can use their own language freely according to their own desires and interests, and fully demonstrate their oral expression ability in a feigned identity, without worrying about whether they are right or not, and whether they need to be corrected. In this way, in the process of playing with various toys, children change their language creatively with specific perception and action, and use vivid language, thus developing the cognition and understanding of the real world constructed with language as the medium. Therefore, it can be said that toys are the carrier of children's language development. 

Why are plush toys so important for children- kids and stuffed animals

3. Promote the development of children’s imagination

Virtual or emblematic is the common characteristic of toys. With "pretend" as the symbol, they provide children with full freedom or space for imagination. A common phenomenon that goes on during the process of contact with toys is that children often replace things or people with things, which means they regard toys as real objects or people in real life. Creative toys such as robots, barbie dolls, plush toys can better simulate children’s imagination. Children will use their existing life experience to create game situations and develop imaginative games, conduct language learning, create stories, etc., these activities can highly stimulate children’s interest and enrich their imagination.

Why are plush toys so important for children- Puppy family plush toy

4. Promote children's physical and mental health development

In the process of children's growth, the overall growth of body functions is an important period for the development of various basic functions of the brain and body. Because to the continuous expansion of the scope of children's life and the development of physical and mental aspects, children began to participate in adult social life. However, due to lack of knowledge and ability, they are unable to fully participate in adult activities. This requires children to imitate the behavior and actions of adults through toys and games, and reflect the life around them in imaginary situations, so as to obtain joy and satisfaction. Facts prove that toys can promote children's psychological development and has a very close relationship with their development and growth. Through games and toys, children exercise their muscles, action coordination and perception, they can also broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, cultivate their temperament, develop their language, and improve their comprehension ability, creativity, imagination, thinking ability and aesthetic concept. It is very important to cultivate good habits and moral quality, improve physical quality, etc.. Therefore, toys are extremely important to promote children's psychological development and growth. They are indispensable partners in the process of growth and development.

Why are plush toys so important for children- family plush toys

Among all these various types of toys, why areplush toys always the first choice?

1. Sense of security

We can often see that some children holding plush toys or cover blankets before falling asleep in the night. If they lose the plush toys or the blankets, they become anxious and unable to sleep. This is because to a certain extend, plush toys can make up for children’s lack of security. Contact with plush toys can make children feel soft and warm. Psychologists believe that contact with comfortable things can promote children’s emotional development.

Why are plush toys so important for children- Give children a sense of security

2. Sensory development

The soft and long fur can stimulate children’s sense of touch. When children touch a plush toy, the fine fur touches every cell and nerve on children’s hands, which not only brings pleasure to the children, but also benefits the children’s sensitivity of touch. In addition, the shape and appearance of the toy can stimulate their vision, and the sound of the electric plush toy can stimulate children's hearing, help them coordinate with the reactions of various senses on the eyes, legs, limbs, skin, etc., to contact and recognize new things in the outside world, which is an effective tool to help children understand the world. 

Why are plush toys so important for children- child playing with stuffed toy

3. Brain development

Children's body functions such as hand-foot coordination, hand-eye coordination need to be built gradually through training. Toys are the perfect tool, plush toys which allows children to hold, play, imitate and talk. When children play house with plush toys, they need to create a situation, this can stimulate their imagination. In role-playing games, plush toys play the role assigned by children and accept the emotions projected onto them by children. It is very helpful for the development of brain. Therefore, plush toys are of great benefit to the development of children's body function and brain.

Why are plush toys so important for children- child holding stuffed toy

Moreover, children who like plush toys are more attentive, more focused and less shy. Why do children always like soft things? Because touching soft objects can bring comfort and warmth, which is very similar to the feeling of mother’s kissing, touching and hugging. Besides children, many adults also have a normal "soft attachment" complex. For example, some adults hope to receive plush toys as gifts; some prefer plush pajamas over other materials in winter; some elderly people prefer plush blankets instead of other blankets... With these things, they will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Educating children is a big deal. Parents can use high-quality plush toys to guide and educate children.

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