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Customized Olympic Games exclusive plush toys

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We turn anything into plushies

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Custom Leather Animal

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Custom Pet Plush

Claw Machine Plush Toy

Claw Machine Plush

Custom Anime Plush

Custom Anime Plush

How Custom Plush Maker works

The majority of people want to reserve their memory into their mind, especially for something that is meaningful or important to them.
A corporation’s spirit, the first paint of their child, or the hottest star. In fact, the custom plush toy is a good choice for them.
The production process of custom plush toys is mainly divided into the following 4 steps

custom plush process quote


Submit a quote on our Get a Quote page, and tell us about your project.

custom plush process prototype


If our offer fits your budget, please buy a prototype to get started! $10 off for new customers.

custom plush process production


Once the samples are approved, we will enter the production stage to produce your ideas.

custom plush process shipping


Toys will be loaded onto a ship or airplane and headed to you and your customers.

Production Timeline

Quick order options

Manufacturing schedule

Design and Conceptualization

1-5 days
The process will be faster if there is a design drawing

Prototype and Sampling

1-2 weeks 
(1 week for first draft)


within 1 weeks
Depends on order quantity

Quality Control and Delivery

15-60 days 
Depends on shipping method and budget

Custom Stuffed Animals & Manufacturing Services

We specialize in custom stuffed animals & toys, boasting a monthly output exceeding 150,000 pieces and a team of over 200 employees. Our 7 pattern maker designers and managers, each with over 10 years of rich experience, provide professional customized services for well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's.

custom plush maker factory
custom plush maker factory
custom plush maker factory
custom plush maker factory
custom plush maker factory
custom plush maker factory
custom plush maker factory
custom plush maker factory

Our Advantages

A special staff will provide you with considerate service throughout the customization process.
Our team and manufacture factory will focus on your needs and work hard for it.
Customize your own designs to stuffed animals, and provide you with the production progress you need to know online.

Our Customers Love CPM

All of our bulk orders are bespoke and as unique as the brands they represent, and many have very special stories behind them. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority and we take pride in every large order that goes through our doors, big or small.
Custom Plush Maker Team hopes to create bulk orders for you soon! If you're still undecided, please take a few minutes to review the reviews submitted by our past global order customers.

customplushmaker customer reviews



OMG!!! Alfred was very easy and lovely to deal with. Thank you Alfred and CPM XDXDXD.

customplushmaker customer reviews

Customer from Japan


It was delivered! Thanks, Very cute!!

customplushmaker customer reviews

Raeesa. H


I couldn't be more happier with the overall experience. From the starting with working out the details. 

customplushmaker customer reviews

Keisuke. L


So adorable! Got all the details right! and awesome communication!

Safety Certificates

The Safety of every plush stuffed toy we produce at CustomePlushMaker is of the utmost importance to us.
Always, we hold an attitude of Children Toy Safety First, Strict Quality Control and Long Term Partnership Maintaining, the greatest care possible are taken to make sure you and your children stay safe with our toys.
 EN71 / ASTM / CPSIA / ISO8124 Testing & Age Suitability 

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Contact us! The first step in making your custom plush comes to life!

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Custom Plush Maker, founded in 2005, supplies a wide variety of high-quality custom stuffed animals to overseas customers. We have built our reputation up on being a trustworthy manufacturer who provides an excellect service to our customers, including many of the Top 20 leading companies for promotional items in U.S, Germany, UK, France, Austria and Switzerland.

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