Let's Revive Our Prayer Bear: 30 Exciting Designs of Christian Plush Toys

Christian Plush Toys in all key characters from the Bible

Is your business geared toward selling Christian plush toys, or are you considering this as a unique niche? A vast, untapped market awaits exploration for Christians.

Imagine captivating your customers with the enchanting allure of the Prayer Bear. Why not reignite the enthusiasm that once swept the globe like the Teddy Bear craze?

Picture a steady stream of smiling God followers; as soon as they catch sight of your merchandise at the storefront, they enter and are reluctant to leave without grabbing a delicately crafted Bible pillow, a Prayer Bear, or at least a stuffed lamb.

Imagine a bespoke Bible pillow as a Christian plush toy intricately designed to serve as a nightly nudge for Bible reading before sleep. It isn't a far-off dream but a tangible reality waiting to unfold with a touch of your creativity and expertise.

Guess what? We've got our fingers on the pulse of the most sought-after Christian plush toys, from the beloved plush Jesus to cuddly stuffed Jesus dolls, Prayer Bears, and various designs of Bible pillows.

Jot down your favorites, share your vision or personal designs with us, and watch as we bring your ideas to life and deliver them straight to your doorstep, ready to charm and sell.

Dive into this promising 'blue ocean' market of Christian plush toys with us. Let's craft meaningful Christian plushies that delight and inspire your customers. Reach out today, and let's turn your dream designs into heartwarming realities.

Christian Plush Toy: King David

Christian stuffed toys - King David

No God believer could ignore the mighty work God accomplished through His legendary King David, a Christian plush toy that's not just a toy but a symbol of courage, faith, and the triumph of good over evil!

As a man after God's heart, King David isn't just any stuffed toy; it's a good companion for children, reminding them to rely on the mighty one in times of need.

Offer them the incredible story of David, the shepherd boy who became a king, the poet who soothed souls with his harp, and the fearless warrior who defeated Goliath with nothing but a sling and a stone.

King David's story is a beacon of hope and faith in God's power. He's celebrated for his psalms, which have comforted and inspired millions.

Imagine a kid holding a Christian plush toy, King David, and feeling the strength and bravery that come from faith. It's an opportunity to teach them about humility, the importance of trusting in God, and the power of righteousness.

Why make King David into a Christian plush toy? Here are a few compelling reasons:

1. Spiritual Companion:

King David, as one of the most popular Christian plush toys with his iconic harp and royal attire, can be a daily reminder of God's presence and guidance.

2. Inspiration and Comfort:

Just like the Psalms of David have comforted generations, this Christian plush toy can be a source of comfort and inspiration for children, reminding them that they are never alone and that with faith, anything is possible.

3. Unique and Meaningful Gift:

In a sea of ordinary toys, a plush toy, King David, stands out as a meaningful gift that carries a profound message. It's perfect for birthdays, Christmas, baptisms, or any occasion that calls for a thoughtful and inspiring present.

4. Customizable and Collectible:

As a custom plush maker, the opportunity to customize King David—perhaps with different expressions, outfits, or even a mini plush harp—makes each toy unique. It adds value and makes it a collectible item for children and adults who cherish biblical heroes.

Here are some intriguing design options for King David as one of the most popular Christian plush toys:

1. Classic Shepherd David:

Design a plushie with young David in his shepherd's outfit, complete with a soft, plush sling and a few tiny, cuddly sheep.

2. King David with a Harp:

Create a King David plushie dressed in royal robes, holding a small, plush harp. It reflects his renowned musical skill and deep connection with music as a form of worship and expression.

3. David the Warrior:

Craft a plushie version of David as the victorious warrior, wearing armor (perhaps from his battle with Goliath). For a child-friendly twist, make the armor soft and colorful, and include a detachable sling or a soft, plush stone.

4. Interactive David Plushie:

Design a King David plushie with removable items, like a shepherd's staff, a harp, or a crown. This interactive feature allows kids to explore different aspects of David's life and legacy through play.

5. David in Battle Gear:

Craft a Christian plush toy of David dressed in a simple shepherd's outfit, equipped with a fabric sling over his shoulder. Include a small, soft stone that can be placed in the sling or held in David's hand. The simplicity of the gear highlights David's faith and bravery.

Christian Plush Toy: Jesus Plush, the Lord

Jesus plush toy sitting on the throne with clouds around

Well, we all know Him, our Lord. Jesus Christ is the central figure of the Christian faith - the only pathway to eternal life. His life and teachings recorded in the New Testament have converted billions of men.

Jesus's teachings focused on love, compassion, forgiveness, and the importance of seeking a relationship with God. Jesus' crucifixion and subsequent resurrection are foundational to the Christian faith.

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a Christian plush toy of the Lord made in different designs and used for memorable Christian occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, etc? Here are a few design ideas for your reference:

1. Triumphant Entry:

A plush Jesus doll riding a donkey commemorating his celebrated entrance into Jerusalem. This design can capture a moment of joy and celebration, with Jesus portrayed in a vibrant robe, a smiling expression, and surrounded by palm leaves. This design can appeal to customers looking for representations of hope and the ultimate triumph.

Christian plush toys - Jesus soft toy riding a donkey entering Jerusalem

2. Sermon on the Mount:

This design is a Jesus soft toy. A plush Jesus is in a serene pose, sitting on a plush green hill with a removable mini-mount that children can play with. This design could include a small booklet with simplified beatitudes, making it an interactive learning tool about Jesus' teachings on how to pray, the eight blessings, peace, and righteousness.

3. Miracle Worker:

As one of the hottest Christian plush toys, Jesus with accessories to illustrate his miracles, such as loaves and fishes to represent the feeding of the 5,000, or a small plush boat to signify calming the storm. This interactive aspect can engage children in storytelling and the miraculous elements of Jesus' ministry.

4. Resurrection Joy:

Focusing on Easter, this design could feature Jesus with open arms and radiant attire, possibly incorporating elements that glow in the dark to symbolize the resurrection light. It could be a powerful symbol of hope and renewal for many.

5. The Good Shepherd:

Inspired by the parable of the Good Shepherd, this plush toy could feature Jesus in shepherd's attire, complete with a staff and a few small, soft sheep. This design can appeal to those who seek comfort in Jesus' guidance and care.

6. Praying Jesus:

A plush Jesus in a kneeling pose, hands clasped in prayer, possibly on a plush mount of olives. This design could encourage children to pray alongside their Christian plush toy, making prayer time more engaging and meaningful.

7. Crown of Thorns and Robe of Majesty:

A plush Jesus doll with a removable crown of thorns and a majestic robe, allowing owners to reflect on Christ's suffering and sovereignty. This design offers a deep, reflective experience. It caters to those who wish to engage more profoundly with their faith.

Each design can come with a little tag or booklet explaining the scene from Jesus' life that inspired it. It adds a nice touch, making these Christian plush toy sets a fun and learning moment.

The ideas mix respect, learning, and fun in just the right way, attracting folks who want something more from their Christian toys – a bit of heart and substance.

However, remember that when you hit a deal with a customer, admonish them to pray to the Mighty God, not the plush toy Jesus!

Christian Plush Toy: the Holy Bible

plush Bible

A plush Bible? Make the Bible into a Christian plush toy? The Bible is a cherished collection of powerful and life-changing texts for Christians. It captures the essence of the faith and everything a Christian is meant to know about God. It's a Christian's how-to-live manual.

Making a plush toy Bible is fantastic because it turns these timeless stories and teachings into something soft, cuddly, and accessible, especially for kids. It's a lively way to introduce them to the Bible's stories, making bedtime or playtime more meaningful.

Here are a few cozy design ideas:

1. Bible Story Pillow:

A comfy pillow that looks like a Bible on the outside, with some famous verses or stories in simple, child-friendly language stitched or printed on the fabric. Perfect for bedtime reading and snuggles.

stuffed Bible pillow

2. Noah's Ark Book:

Imagine a plush toy shaped like Noah's Ark, with little stuffed animals that can be taken out and played with. The ark itself could unfold into a storybook layout, telling the tale of Noah and his ark.

3. Plush Tablets of the Ten Commandments:

Soft, cushiony tablets featuring the Ten Commandments in an easy-to-understand format for kids.

4. Moses Parting the Red Sea Play Mat:

A plush play mat that shows Moses parting the Red Sea, complete with little plush people and animals to reenact the escape from Egypt. It's both a toy and a storytelling aid.

5. Creation Week Mobile:

A hanging mobile for nurseries with plush elements representing the seven days of creation, including the sun, moon, stars, and animals. It's educational, soothing, and a lovely piece of decor.

These ideas blend faith, fun, and education, offering a soft, tactile way to share the Bible's teachings with the little ones.

Christian Plush Toy: Prayer Mat

Christian plush toys - stuffed prayer mat

Prayer is an essential part of a Christian routine. It's a way to communicate with God, prompting the person to count on the beautiful things God has done in his life and the moments in life, both big and small.

Routine prayer also helps people remain connected—to God, themselves, and the world around them. It's a moment of pause in their busy lives, a time to focus on what truly matters, find guidance, and seek strength.

Plus, it's a practice that can foster a sense of community and shared beliefs, bringing people together in a shared spiritual experience.

Incorporating thoughtful designs of Christian plush toys into items like prayer mats or reminders can enrich prayer life, making it a spiritual, visually, and emotionally engaging practice. Here are some ideas for design:

1. "Time to Pray" Clock Mat:

A prayer mat with a clock design that gently reminds, "It's Time to Pray." The numbers could be replaced with inspiring words or Bible verses for each prayer time.

2. Verse of the Day Mat:

A beautifully designed mat featuring a different Bible verse each day, encouraging reflection and meditation on the Word of God.

3. Kneeling Cushion with Footprints:

A small, portable cushion for knees with footprints and a motivational quote like, "In every step, find direction through prayer." It's a visual nudge to take a moment to kneel and pray.

4. Interactive Prayer Wall Hanging:

A fabric wall hanging includes pockets or clips for personal prayers, photos, or verses. It's a visual and interactive reminder of what's essential and a prompt to pray for loved ones.

5. LED Prayer Reminder:

A small, attractive LED sign with a peaceful glow displays messages like "Pause, Breath, Pray." It could be programmed to light up at specific prayer times or when the person needs peace.

6. Prayer Wheel Throw Pillow:

A decorative pillow that incorporates the concept of a prayer wheel, with different sections that can be rotated to reveal prayers or inspirational quotes from the Bible. It's a cozy reminder to take a moment for spiritual reflection.

These design ideas merge functionality with inspiration, making prayer a more integral, thought-provoking part of daily life.

Christian Plush Toys: The Prayer Bear (TV Children's Ministry Held by Steve Green)


Stuffed Prayer Bear


"The Adventures of Prayer Bear" is a series of children's videos produced to teach children about prayer and faith in an engaging and accessible way.

This video series stars a character named Prayer Bear, who guides children through various prayer-related themes and lessons using stories and songs. The aim is to help children understand the essence of prayer and how to pray and to encourage them to incorporate prayer into their daily lives.

Each installment of "The Adventures of Prayer Bear" focuses on different aspects of prayer or Christian values, such as thankfulness, asking for help, and saying bedtime prayers.

The series is crafted to be educational and comforting, providing children with a friendly and relatable figure in Prayer Bear who can help them navigate their thoughts and feelings about faith, God, and prayer.

As a popular Christian plush toy, Prayer Bear might be used in various settings, including homes, Sunday schools, Christian daycare centers, and as gifts for baptisms and birthdays. It serves as a tool for parents and educators to discuss prayer and faith with children, providing a foundation for spiritual growth and understanding.

To many Gen Z Christians, Prayer Bear is nothing less than the Teddy Bear. But hey, if you're all about crafting those cozy Prayer Bears, make sure you play by the rules. Here's your roadmap:

USPTO Check:

First, hop onto the USPTO website and look up "Prayer Bear" to see who owns it.

Details Matter:

Take note of what the trademark covers so you know your product won't step on any toes.

Reach Out:

Find the owner's contact info on the USPTO site and shoot them an email or call to chat about using the name or idea.

Talk Terms:

If they're cool with it, work out a deal on using "Prayer Bear," including fees or rules.

Product Time:

Once you've got the green light and know the do's and don'ts, start making your Prayer Bear!

Christian Plush Toys: Sheep


Christian plush toys sheep and a shepherd Jesus Soft toy


We shall never forget stuffed Christian animals. Sheep, those fluffy, gentle creatures, hold a surprisingly mighty place in the Christian faith, and here's why they're superstars of biblical symbolism:

  1. David was a shepherd before he was a king. This job showed him how to lead and protect, just like he would later do for his people.
  2. Many, including the Bible, address Jesus as the "Lamb of God." It means he's pure and sacrificed himself for us, like how lambs were used in Passover to save people.
  3. Jesus also said He's the Good Shepherd. He looks out for us, His flock, and would do anything to keep us safe.
  4. Have you ever heard of the Lost Sheep story? It tells us that everyone is so valuable to God that He'd go out of His way to bring even one person back to safety.

Designing plush Christian sheep can be a delightful project, offering comfort, joy, and spiritual reminders through cuddly toys. Here are some creative ideas:

1. Prayer Sheep:

Craft a sheep with foldable hands and a serene expression. Include a small pocket for prayer requests or favorite Bible verses.

2. Psalm 23 Sheep:

Design this plush sheep with elements from Psalm 23, like a tiny plush green pasture or a calm water pool. You could even embroider verses or phrases from the Psalm onto the sheep's body.

3. Good Shepherd Sheep:

Make a sheep with a detachable shepherd's staff or a mini cloak to represent the Good Shepherd's care. This sheep could come with a small booklet telling the story of the Good Shepherd.

4. Lost and Found Sheep:

Create a pair of sheep - one clean and one with a bit of 'mud' (soft, dark patches of fabric) to illustrate the parable of the lost sheep. They could be connected with a soft, heart-shaped magnet to symbolize being found and brought back.

5. Shining Star Sheep:

Incorporate glow-in-the-dark stars or a tiny LED light within the sheep to represent Jesus as the light of the world. This sheep could serve as a gentle nightlight and a reminder of hope and guidance.


Making Christian plush toys is an excellent niche. It's not just about creating something soft to hug; it's about wrapping faith and comfort into one. These toys can teach kids about Bible stories and inspire them to pray. They're a big gift hit, making them great for business.

You spread some joy and faith, and at the same time, you find a particular spot in the market. It's about making more than just toys; it's about making a difference.


What kind of Christian plush toys do you make?

CustomPlushMaker is our name. We make all types of Christian plush toys. If you have a design, pass it on to us. We have the factory. Our elite team of designers and artists can make your dream a reality.

What if I only have an idea but don't know how to draw or design?

No worries at all! We have a team of design artists capable of creating virtually anything. Please share your story and describe your vision for your Christian plush toys.

For instance, you might say you desire a Jesus plush toy (or stuffed Jesus) sitting in a boat. Our designers will craft its appearance on paper, incorporating your favorite colors. Following that, our 3D artists will model it and send the design to you for approval. Once you're satisfied with the final design, production will begin.

Where shall I dispatch Christian plush toys to?

Consider targeting Christian bookstores and online platforms to distribute Christian plush toys effectively. These channels reach a broad audience, offering physical and digital visibility for your products.

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