Customer-oriented Marketing-New Trends Setter

Customer-oriented Marketing-New Trends Setter

Marketing is revolutionizing towards a new direction with executive officers hammering out a blueprint in which customers, the ends of marketing, are prioritized--way different from the last 10 or 20 years when corporations had a blitz on their products and spend their days in propagating them. Even in the post-pandemic era, the streak of consumerism is still reverberating through our society, and as many examples demonstrate, marketing that involves customer less could do a disservice to the company. Therefore, everyone who runs or manages a business, should be aware that the marketing that has unwavering potential to generate financial benefits are the marketing that take customers as its core, which is also known as customer-oriented marketing. If you are struggling to promote your products, or even your business is in the doldrums, reviewing your marketing strategies and make it more customer-based might be helpful.

Advantages of Customer-oriented Marketing

1.Safeguard Brand Image

These days, capitalism is easily becoming the defamatory tag for corporations, especially for the big ones. Once a corporation is labeled capitalism, the sales volume of its products, including derivative ones, are doomed to be affected, and the repercussion is usually long-lasting, which costs companies a long time to mitigate and then rebuild their brand images. This is the last scenario we want to see, and customer-oriented marketing make it less likely to happen. For example, it is counterproductive that a company churns out large amount of new products and reiterates their amazing discounts in advertisements, because some customers may thought, if a few, that the true motivation behind your discount is to sell out your products as soon as possible. In contrast, if you adopt customer-oriented marketing, emphasizing the benefits of your products to customers and highlighting customer experience, they are high likely to hold your products in a positive way. By doing so for extend periods of time, your brand will leave a good impression in customers’ hearts, and that is a surefire treasury.

2.Favourable ROI

In the business arena, every effort or dollar we devote is supposed to bring us returns, whether these are tangible or intangible, in short-term or in long-term, and if not, your input will become otiose. The saying that failure is the best teacher of success is not really suitable to be the corporate motto amid intense competitions including inter-industry and cross-industry ones. Floundering for several weeks seemingly carries no harm, but you may lag behind when taking the whole picture into consideration. In that case, we are better off ensuring our input deliver sizable benefits, and customer-oriented marketing is really good at living up to our expectations. To illustrate, there are several profligate companies spending a fortune in the R&D department to innovate a truly eye-catching product so as to be unique and trailblazing. These moves are plausible, but barely on par with the fickle tastes of fastidious customers. By the time they finish, the fad will probably have become something in the past. However, if we use that time and money to focus our customers, improve our after-sales service, redefine our products according to the fashion, we definitely can secure a stable customer base, carrying a Midas touch in the truest sense.


3.Enduring Impact

People are active whereas products are static. Similarly, customer-oriented marketing is flexible whereas product-oriented marketing is flimsy. The effect that marketing can bring to an individual is ritually underestimated. When they receive your marketing information, they will think and judge its value. And as long as they find your marketing interesting ( whether they are attracted to your products or just to the form of your marketing e.g. advertisement, leaflets and handing out promotional products), they can bring values every now and then. They may, notwithstanding few interests on your products right now , have your marketing information occurred in their minds when in need for your products. In addition, they are likely to move around, sharing your marketing information to their friends and families, who are likely to provided with your company’s information. For instance, they might hear “I have received their freebies, even if I told the sales man I am currently disinclined to make a purchase, he still gave me that plus a heartwarming smile. I think the company cares about the need of customers”. These words undeniably contributes to sales and will come to effect whenever a member of this community needs products your company supplied. Hence, we can say the benefit of customer-oriented impact is enduring, and not surprisingly, they remembered your positive brand identity as much as your products, if not more. Compared with product-oriented marketing, which is a one-time thing, customer-oriented marketing has ripples, bringing cumulative benefits for your company.

Possible Ways for Customer-oriented Marketing

Having been familiarized with the sparkling parts of customer-oriented marketing, you might be captivated by the idea of taking customer-oriented marketing as a way to make your company  imbued with financial potentials and take it ahead of competitions . Here are three ways to help you kick-start customer-oriented marketing.

1.Re-identify your Products

This doesn’t mean to change your target customers. Rather, it mean to make your target customer feel that you relate to them. You can rewrite your product introduction from “we” to “you”, adopting a more easy-to-open package without compromising its aesthetics---a considerate and compassionate corporation always prevails.

2.Enhance your Communication with Customers

Good communication always holds the key to a successful business. Once you sell off a product, you should take care of customers’ feelings in follow-up sections other than gloating about the completion of this order. Contact them to ask whether they’re satisfied, seek for  advice, and be open to their complaints and settle them in no time. Complaints from a customer’s perspective are really valuable---once a sound communication is build, the tie  between you and your customers improves, so does your competitiveness.  

3.Hand out Freebies and Promotional Products

There are a fair number of companies using freebies or promotional products in exchange of loyalty of their customers. But it is problematic that their choices of promotional products is not felicitous. Two mistakes are always made. For one, they can just leave in customers home for a while without the capabilities of creating enduring visual connections, like chocolates, soaps. For another, they are long-lasting but not utilitarian. Customer will toss them in some corners of their room and barely see them, which creates meager marketing effect. 

Plush Toys in Customer-oriented Marketing

After recognizing the major problems of choosing promotional products, you may wonder which of them I should choose. Here comes the answer---plush toys, and it has proved very effective in the practice of customer-oriented marketing.

Plush toys, a.k.a. stuffed animals attracts customers to have a touch or cuddling with them, particularly welcomed by young kids. The reason is that plushies are always soft, adorable and comforting. When you take plush toys as your promotional products, customer will never throw them away in dingy corers, sparing no touches with them. The interaction between them and your promotional products is frequent, which will substantially raise your brand awareness.

As a seasoned and reputable plush toy manufacturer in China, Custom Plush Toy Corporation can be your reliable business partner supplying high-quality promotional plush toys. Our materials are good, hypoallergenic and durable. Moreover, we can even make bespoken products and then conduct bulk production.

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New Marketing Trend, New Era

Indeed, customer-oriented marketing is set to dominate the traditional marketing, with the emphasis of people mounted in most aspects. Customer-oriented marketing, which makes your customer recognize your corporation, inevitably leads to customer-centered business guideline, which makes your corporation recognizable to customers. It is crystal clear that companies which realize and leverage this trend will reap more benefits in this new era.


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