How to choose plush toys?

Various kinds of plush toys have filled the market, how to choose high quality plush manufacturer? How to choose suitable and safe plush toys?

How to choose plush toys- child holding stuffed toy

Firstly, it is to clear the age group, and then according to different age groups to buy different toys, mainly considering the safety and practicability.


Children aged 0 to 3 should not buy toys with prints or paints. Organic substances in dyes may cause skin allergies to their babies; children under three years old cannot choose toys with small items that are easy to fall off because they are not aware of danger and may bite them down and eat them into their mouths to cause suffocation. Attention: All stuffed animal toys purchased should not have ropes that can be tied over the baby's head to avoid the danger of neck tie, if any, can be fixed with a needle.


Children of this age are in the period of infancy, they are still trying to know the world, the shape of the toy better be based on reality, so that children can identify and increase their knowledge. For example, when choosing stuffed animal toys, it is better to be characterized so that children can deepen their impression. If you choose a panda toy, it should distinguish black and white, and parents should let children know that this is the characteristic of pandas.


For children of this age, parents can choose some complete sets of plush toys, such as mother bear and child bear, to enhance the interest of children and increase children’s family awareness. parents can also choose some plush toys with clothes. You can also let children sew or knit clothes for toys themselves, and let children dress and wash clothes for toys, so as to cultivate their labor perspective.

How to choose plush toys- plush toy


The plush toy fabric is divided into pure wool and chemical fiber. Pure wool fabric is expensive and easy to be damaged by worms, so it is rarely used. There is a simple way to distinguish pure wool and chemical fiber fabrics: Pull out a few fibers from the plush toy and light it with fire to observe the burning result. If it turns out to be black carbon and become powder by pinching it with your fingers, that is pure wool fabric; If the brown paste is left after burning and feels sticky when pinched with your fingers, it is chemical fiber. When checking the quality of the fabric, hold the toy in your hand and touch back and forth, there should be no loss hair, moldy, moth-eaten, and shall be restored to its original state after carding. If the plush toy does not return to its original state after being teased, and it looks like there are chaotic stripes, it means that the fabric used for this toy is not good enough.

How to choose plush toys- plush toy fabric

Because the external materials can be seen and touched, it is generally easier to reduce costs on the inside filling of plush toys. The difference of the internal fillings, the feeling of grasping, the rebound ability of the toy, and the self of the fillings. the natural distribution uniformity of the fillers, and the pollution of the fillers on the toy itself after washing. Filler is the key to truly test the plush doll. The fillers commonly used in the market of today's plush toys are foam, sponge, rubber cotton, PP cotton (3D cotton), PP vacuum cotton (3D vacuum cotton), and some of them are mixed. Among them, PP cotton and PP vacuum cotton are of high quality. The best is PP vacuum cotton. Each fiber is hollow. So no matter how you twist and press, the PP vacuum cotton will bounce back to its original state quickly. However, due to its high cost, PP cotton and rubber cotton are still widely used in the formal market. However, the resilience and bulking effect of PP cotton is better than that of cotton.

How to choose plush toys- plush toy stuffing

The quality of rubber cotton is better than sponge and foam. The worse ones are sponge and foam. Among these materials, PP cotton is dozens of times more expensive than foam, even more expensive than rubber cotton. Therefore, many manufacturers have started to cheat on the fillings in order to obtain higher profit space. Here are some typical materials to compare with PP cotton: foam particles are wrapped with sponge as filler, compared with PP cotton, it has obvious layering and uneven distribution of filler; The sponge is wrapped with rubber cotton, which the texture is uneven and hard and too fast rebound speed compared with PP cotton when grasping.

How to choose plush toys- Plush toy rubber cotton

Compared with PP cotton, rubber cotton feels hard when grasping and is not easy to rebound. After grasping and pinching, it has obvious pit feeling, and the texture of filler is uneven. Some bad manufacturers use a large number of contaminated and harmful substandard materials as additives. The appearance of the plush toy made of this kind of material can't be seen, but it feels that the toy made of PP cotton is not elastic, soft, and has poor rebound effect when it is grasped and pinched, and because of the poor quality of the filling material, it will become more and more dirty after washing. If we can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the supplement, we can say that the possibility of buying low quality plush toys is much smaller. Generally, there are identification materials on the doll package, which can be measured by yourself.

How to choose plush toys- Plush toy pp cotton

In the previous spot checks on stuffed animals, the main problem of unqualified products is that the filling materials of the products are not up to standard. This is mainly caused by the use of banned medical cotton and medical gauze, industrial waste, cotton lint, household garbage, waste clothing, and moldy and deteriorated cotton fiber. Plush toy contact directly with the skin, if it is not clean, it can cause diarrhea and even lung infection. There are also some "three no" plush toys that are filled with harmful chemical fibers. These harmful chemicals can easily cause tears and erythema, and even skin diseases or other infectious diseases in serious cases.

Sewing process

Generally, the joint between the head and the body and the joint between the limbs and the body of the toy are sewn, which should be carefully checked. The general standard is that the thread foot is even, without exposed thread ends. In order to identify the sewing fastness, you can hold any sewing part of the toy with your hand and pull it for three times. There should be no breakage.

How to choose plush toys- Stuffed toy sewing

good workmanship is one of the important factors of toys' quality and value. It is impossible to imagine how good a rough toy would be. Carefully look at whether the sewing line of the toy is fine, whether the handicraft is beautiful and firm, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the left and right positions are symmetrical, whether the hand backlog is soft and fluffy, whether the stitching of each part is firm, whether the toy accessories are scratched or incomplete.Check whether there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, manufacturer's address, etc. and whether the binding is firm. Check the internal and external packaging, whether the signs are consistent, whether the moisture-proof performance is good, the inner packaging is plastic bags, the opening size exceeds a certain range must be opened with stomata to prevent children from suffocating by mistake.


The appearance can generally explain the basic problems of a toy, such as whether it is fine, beautiful, and qualified. Generally, large manufacturers will make great efforts in the design of plush toys, while small manufacturers will only imitate the shapes of others, often use poor materials, and the quality of workmanship is rough. The plush toys made are appalling. Therefore, when selecting plush toys, you can't just look at size and price. In the toy wholesale market, you will find that there are dozens of plush dogs in the same store, which are also 30cm, but the price varies. Because using better materials, handling more details, and making the work more precise, we need to invest more manpower and material resources.

How to choose plush toys- stuffed animals


The appearance is only a preliminary impression. For the purpose of toy sales, the merchants will generally work hard on the appearance materials, but the real content filler can only be touched, and you can feel it on your face. The more expensive plush is comfortable and soft, while the cheaper one will be short wool fabric, with a hard feel, and sometimes you can feel the piercing feeling. The feeling of grasping, the rebound ability of the toy, the average natural distribution of the filling, these are the standards for quality appraisal of choosing plush toys.

How to choose plush toys- puppy stuffed toy

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